Strange encounters

Plateforms: mobile

Team size: 14 persons

Role: Project manager

Period: 2 weeks


Strange Encounters is a versus fighting game destined for mobile plateforms, designed and developped in two weeks. Players can form a crew of characters from three different universe: Star Trek, X-Men and Powerpuff girls.


Developed through the course of two “Intensive weeks”, an event where a professionnal studio (here, Gameloft) comes at school to supervise a project shared acrossed promotions. We had as a constraint to merge those different universes and artistic directions. We decided to do so by unifying them under one specific art direction (like Disney Infinity) but turns out our jury didn’t liked that solution. We learned that sometimes, you have to listen to your client to get the good points. Also making a fighting game is hard. Even more with mobile controls.

My missions:

  • organized tasks and plannings

  • tracked the team progress

  • helped in several design tasks

  • made sure the youngest student learned something new