Video Editing

I’ve always had stories in my head. Scenes I wanted to create, and aventures I wished to live. And the first media I turn to realize those visions have been video editing. A friend of mine introduced me to Adobe After Effect and for years it has been my primary tool (yeah, I know, I switched to Premiere now).

playlist making

I love discovering new music. For several years now, I’ve been listening to Spotify’s Discover weekly and its Release radar every 52 weeks of the year. That’s approximately 5 hours of new music per week, which translates to 260 hours per year. All this listening while constantly looking for what playlist those songs would fit best into. (Did anybody say “control freak”?)

Voice Acting

You could say I almost like creating characters as much as I love to embody them. Which is why I jump on every occasion I have to do so, like graduating projects of some fellow students or some of my own. Whether its in french or in english, I also love making jingles or radio/podcast vocal work.

Voiced the primary character for the whole run. Approximatively half an hour of recording made it to the final prototype.


Voiced the primary characters for the whole game. Approximatively ten minutes of recordings made it to the final prototype.


I love doing stuff with people. Movies, concert, games... But since there isn’t always someone around, I sometimes broadcast some gaming moments live on Twitch. I don’t have an agenda though. I just do it when I feel like it or for some special occasions. Like when a bunch of my friends are gathered on my couch and I happen to have a horror game to play. Yeah, fun times.