end of the road


Plateforms: boardgame

Team size: 4 persons

Role: Game designer • Project manager

Period: DECEMBER 2012 • june 2013


End of the Road is a boardgame where you play as a driver, picking up well-known serial killers and monsters to drop them off at your enemies’ houses. But you’ll have to be cautious, if you keep them waiting for too long, you’re going to pay the price… Be clever and use your cards for their various effects and slow your opponents down, or discard them to move your car on the map.


My missions:

  • designed a first draft of the game mechanics and material in a week

  • accomplished several tests and researchs in level design for the board itself

  • constantly tested and improved the concept over 6 months

  • led the team through the different milestones

  • wrote the rulebook

  • revamp the overall quality of the material for the final jury