Chicken Town

Plateforms: Ios, Android

Developer: Fishing Cactus

Publisher: 1st Day

Role: Game designer

Period: June 2016 • September 2016

Run with Zino, old Francine or Jenny through the town and collect special power eggs. Watch out, Polly is right behind you! Speed up, fly away, throw her a rotten egg or hide in the sewers but be careful, they’re full of crocodiles! Not kidding!



On our second day of internship at Fishing Cactus, we had the opportunity to completely revamp a game for an unsatisfied client. We made a proposal in terms of mechanics, planning and budget and had a greenlight from the company and the client in over a week. We built a team of 6 persons, mostly juniors supervised by 2 seniors. And we had our entire internship to completely produce the game. The only thing left to do when we got back at school was the debug and fix phase.


My missions:

  • redesigned its mechanics, monetization, progression loops and UI flow

  • built level design guidelines and revamp level generation

  • wrote game concepts for several Request For Proposal

  • presented the company and its products at their Gamescom booth