Developed through the course of two “Intensive weeks”, an event where a professionnal studio (here, Gameloft) comes at school to supervise a project shared acrossed promotions. We aimed too high by picking this camera, controler and setting, forcing us to have multiple animated 3D models and different set of AI (and of course a map and some assets to design and produce). Everything was there in the end, but the whole suffered a cruel lack of polish.


Plateforms: PC

Team size: 21 persons

Role: Project manager

Period: 2 weeks • March 2016


Chenoo is a third person shooter in top view developed in two weeks. Players incarnate a ancient native spirit with the ability to possess its enemies. To win, they have to rise totems around the city they’re trying to take back.


My missions:

  • helped the team defined what they wanted and realizing it

  • tracked tasks and set up plannings

  • assisted designers with documentation and decision making