Plateforms: Mobile

Team size: 4 persons

Role: Game designer

Period: December 2015 • February 2016



Breathe is a runner where players have to explore levels in search for their memories, scattered among the trees. Players will be locked in looping level as long as they haven’t found the memory in it.


It started as a prototype in Unity we had to do for a “homework” but we tried to push it further. Initially, the whole game was about managing your character’s breathing, but that system wasn’t working as well as we would. So much we decided to let it go and rework the concept to be story based. In the end, we haven’t been able to made a complete game out of it and only produced a couple of levels but we’ve learned a lot by setting up lots of systems on our own.

My missions:

  • designed and refined the original concept

  • learned to kill a feature

  • programmed several features in C# like a day and night cycle or the accelerometer controls