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The Black Death. The Inquisition. And the rats. Hard time behind an orphan back in 1348. Action-adventure game based in a medieval setting. You follow the story of two orphans lost in a dangerous world where they have to survive and look for answers. I wrote several chapters and game elements, sometimes forcing me to conduct serious research to ensure historical accuracy.
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Analyse. Understand. Interact. Vision holder within a team of 7 students, we've had an incredible journey developing a game at full time for 9 months. Everything is our design, from art to code and we partnered with talents in writing, music and sound design to reach new heights. Hope you like it!
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Running can be a way to escape reality.
But sometimes reality runs faster than you.
Take your eggs back, before getting caught.
Redesign and production of a runner game, including its systems, mechanics, level design, monetization and progression loops during my 4 month at Fishing Cactus. It was my first commercialized game ever.
Vision holder on this first person runner where you have to explore a curious land to unravel its story. It started as a school project but my 3 team mates and I decided to continue it on our own. Sadly, we had to kill the project, since we were lacking the time to properly make it.
Escort a stele. Kill monsters. Save the world. Team Manager and Game Designer among the Flashing Dots for a more than six months project done during our spare time and submitted to the Hits Playtime, a student game dev contest.
Choose your camera. Spy the right person. 
Uncover the truth. Graduation project, I voiced the main character for each and every trailer and dialog of the final prototype.
Get higher and higher... Made during a 36 hours game jam with a couple of graphists and two other game designers with low programming skills. We learned a lot.
God's will has to be done.
And you're the only one around. Community manager and Game Designer on a five months project developed on our (very rare) spare time and submitted to the Nova Play contest.
A new kind of reality show. Community manager on a graduation project, I have been approached by the team to write articles for french and english websites and for social media.
And more to come...
AMONG THE SHAPES Watch. Learn. Avoid. Collect. Game designer and community manager for a 48h Game Jam during which I made one video a day during the whole event.
It's also my first video game ever.
When someone need help, don't be rude.
Especially if it's a serial killer. Board game made during our first year at Supinfogame where you play as a driver hitchhiking with some of the greatest horror film legends.
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