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Eliott Hipeau
Hi. Thanks for stopping by!
My name is written everywhere, I'm a junior Game Designer but mainly a human being. Currently in my last year at Supinfogame Rubika and looking for a job or a 6 months internship. Pleased to meet you !

    I come from a small town, lost in the french countryside. As a child, I dreamt of being a part of the video game industry but I never thought I could really be one. I grew up forgetting about the dream but loving the medium more and more. And when I finally had to make a choice of what to do with my life, I decided to turn toward the only thing that never left it. I found in game design the hardest, deepest, most intriguing, never repeating challenge of all time. I learn something new every day, about the discipline, the medium, the industry, the world we live in but also about myself. Finding ideas is just the tip of the iceberg and what I love the most is buried deep down in the ocean: polishing. Making your idea better, smoother by putting away the unnecessary bits. Solving problems has always been a passion and now it's my work. However, video game wasn't the first medium I used to express myself. Actually, I'm still trying to turn every aspects or subjects of my life into a video. For now, I've successfully transcripted most of the trips I've made and events I attended to on YouTube. You can also find some of my gaming sessions live (or not) on Twitch. And Vine (R.I.P.) is still hosting a few sketch ideas we've had with friends. Oh yeah. Friends are also really important to me. But I'm only getting started! There's so much else I want to try, like a podcast about game design or some radio show dedicated to my musical discoveries. Have I already said I'm a Spotify advocate? I know I didn't, but it's a nice trick to create a sense of dialog, isn't it? Anyway, everything is fascinating to me and that's a major problem. Time isn't on my side, and every day I have to deal with what I fear the most: non logically based choices.
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